“Sakarela Marble and Granite” Ltd. – Elhovo, is the largest company in Bulgaria for production of granite products. It is also the biggest exporter and producer of granite pavers and curbs in the country.

The company exploits three granite deposits sights. The physic and chemical properties of granites meet all European requirements and have the respective certificates from Bulgarian and Western laboratories. In our production we produce a whole range of products for low and high construction with typical for natural stone treatments: polishing, grinding, heat treatment, bush-hammering, crushing, cutting, glitz, etc. Nomenclature rock materials – the company offers granite and marble slabs with all kinds of dimensions, stairs, window slabs, paving stone /new and second usage/, cut and cleaved curbs, Venetian and Roman mosaic, and different types of stone products. Our various production meets all the requirements for ordinary and high-strength concrete, embankments and fillers.

A large part of the production is destined for export to the European Union countries and the Middle East.